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40th Reunion

Pictures from our 40th Reunion, June 22, 2013, at Vulcan Park
Richard Rogers

Bragging Rights

Pictures of our families - then and now.  
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Sharing our Talents

Pictures of our arts, crafts and photography
Hoover-Randle Home and Gardens

45th Reunion

Upload your pictures from the 45th reunion at the Hoover-Randle Home and Gardens
Adair through Barksdale

Senior Photos

Senior Photos from the 1973 Annual 

If you would like an electronic copy of your senior photo to upload on the Classmates page, please send an email to b74heavy@yahoo.com and I will email your photo from the Annual.  I can also post it here for you.  
Highlander 1968

1968 Highlander

Who remembers this little jewel of an "Annual" that recorded our 7th grade year spent in the bowels of Shades Valley High School (Berry's arch rival) because there was no more room for us at Berry?   Who thought that was going to be a good idea???

Into one long hallway they squeezed 13 classes, a library, and the Principal's Office of the imfamous Mr. John "Whoop Whoop" Edwards.  This merged the new 7th graders from the five Berry feeder schools:  Bluff Park, Shades Mtn., Green Valley, Rocky Ridge and Vestavia.

By the beginning of the next school year, Vestavia Jr. High  soon became Pizitz Middle School due to a generous land donation from Mr. Louis Pizitz and  soon after,  the city of Vestavia voted to seceed from the Jefferson County education system.   

The Class of 1973 split with the Vestavia kids going to Pizitz and the rest moving into the already over crowded Berry High.