Who are the administrators of this website?

Currently the following are serving as admins for this site:  Kathy Nelems-Marino, Gayle Brunson England, Lee Walker and Rodger Olson.

What does our registration fees cover?

Your registration fees help to cover the cost of the location rental, cost of food, beverage, postage and any additional costs of the reunion.  

Are Faculty invited to attend?

YES!  Any faculty and staff that put up with us for our formative years are welcome to attend ANY of our gatherings as our guests.

Why do we need donations and sponsorships ?

Donations and sponsorships can help cover costs of putting on a reunion such as cost of the venue, food, music, photography, postage, website hosting, domain name, etc.  Donations and sponsorships also help to keep the reservation costs that you pay to a minimum.  As we get older, more classmates are retiring and are on a limited income.  If we can keep our reservation costs to the bare minimum, then hopefully more people will be able to attend,